AI Product Description

A product description is a written copy that provides essential information about a product or service being sold online. It typically includes details such as features, benefits, specifications, and usage instructions.

With Search Pie, you don't need to spend boring hours to write product description anymore. Let AI power of our feature generate the best descriptions for you with just a few clicks. This powerful feature is available for both Premium plan and Enterprise Plan.

After choosing AI Product Description in the menu, you can enter your product name on our Searching bar to find out the products you want to generate, then click this button to generate with our AI tool.

Just simply click AI generate, then you have 2 options to decide how your product description is generated by AI.

If you click "Generate with keywords", the app will create your description based on the keywords you entered.

In case you have the original description and you want to generate the new one by AI, simply click "Generate by rewriting the original description".

Don't forget to choose the language and the writing tone you want AI to write, and finally click GENERATE button to see the results.

The app will scan for some seconds and generate the new Product descriptions for you.

In case you want more, click "See more results", and you have a maximum of 3 results. If you're satisfied with that one, please click the APPLY button.

Finally, you just need to click PUBLISH button to save the new meta description.

Besides, Search Pie also have other option for you to generate your product descriptions in bulk. You have a maximum of 10 products each time generating. Just simply choose all product descriptions you want to edit, then click BULK GENERATE.

After some seconds of processing, the new product descriptions will be shown.

If you see it needs to be edited (change the format, images, attached URL,...), you could click EDIT button the make the changes, then SAVE.

Finally, click PUBLISH button if you see your products descriptions are perfect. Your new description will immediately updated on your store.

You can check your history of generating your product descriptions with our detailed report below. In case you want to keep the original description, just click the REVERT button.

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