Instant Page

Our Instant Page feature will help your store automatically prefetch URLs in the background after a user hovers over a link. This will bring almost instantaneous loading times and improve both the user experience and perceived performance.

When a user has hovered over a link for 65 ms, there's a chance that they might click on the link and go to a new page. Instant Page starts preloading at this moment, leaving an average of 300 ms for the new link to preload.

With this feature, all you have to do is just enable the button. Just one click.

FAQ About Instant Page

How does Instant Page affect my SEO?

Instant Page feature is used to speed up your page loading, bringing a better experience to your customers. It does not have direct effects on Search Engine Optimization, however, if the loading speed of your website is too slow, it might cause the shorter time on site, and then affect your SEO negatively.

Therefore, improving page loading better is highly recommended to optimize your site to the best.

Why my score on Page Speed Insights didn't change even when I enabled Instant Page?

Instant page uses just-in-time preloading (cheating latency) — it preloads a page right before a user clicks on it. Therefore, it won't have the clear effects on your speed score on Page Speed Insights.

If you want to improve that score, it would be better to follow the instructions from Page Speed Insights and Google.

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