SEO Report

SEO Report will allow you to scan all pages on your website or a particular page and show the SEO status of your website (or of that page).

The overall SEO score points out the score of which pages have been crawled, not the whole site. We will show you how many pages are crawled and the last update.

Search Pie app will track these SEO elements on your website:

By clicking on a specific section, you will a detailed report, including the notices/issues, which pages are struggling with them, and how to fix them.

There are 3 types of announcements here:

  • Good: Everything is working well, nothing to do here.

  • Notices: Recommendations to boost your SEO

  • Issues: Issues hurting your SEO that need fixing as soon as possible

When you see the list of pages with the same issues, if you want to see the detailed report on this page, kindly click the See details button on the same line as this page.

Since you see the notices or issues, you can also contact us to ask more about them just by clicking the Contact us button.

There are some notices from our app which you see are not necessary to edit, you can move this to the Ignore list just by clicking on the Waste bin button at the end of the page line. You can also revert back anytime at the Ignored issue tab

After the notice/issue was fixed, you can click on the Update fix button below each notice/issue to update the report.


It is important to take your proper expectation that it is really difficult for the Search Pie app to crawl all pages on your website at one moment. The app will crawl a specific number of pages each day, so please kindly wait and check the report regularly. The website of advanced plan will be prioritized to be crawled first.

The package is called VIP SEO SCAN, which could help you quickly scan SEO issues of all pages on your website with just 01 CLICK. With this package, you could save time and effort in crawling day by day.

To learn more about this advanced plan, please go to Pricing -> Personal service -> Sign up.

Recent Improvements

At bottom of the Homepage, you will see a report which shows you all the issues fixed and how much time has been saved. You can adjust the time range to check the recent activities during the last 24 hours or the last 7 days, etc.

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