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A sitemap is a file that contains links to every publicly accessible page on a website. Sitemaps enable search engines to find every page and product on your site, which allows search engines to crawl more intelligently. Normally, the process of manually updating the sitemap is very painful. But with Search Pie, just go to Google Index, and enable the button and there you are so done with it.

While in the Premium plan, the app helps you submit your sitemap effortlessly in just one click. Wonder if your sitemap has been submitted properly. Here you can see every single public link that the app has submitted to Google in the list as below.

Please notice that, if your link cannot be found by site crawlers, there’s no way it can appear on search engine results.

FAQ About Sitemap

I have submitted my Sitemap. But I can't see the sitemap in Google Search Console.

The app will submit your sitemap to the Google search engine and tell if your site exists. So you can be found at Google next time when it is done crawling your data but not on the Google Search Console (GSC). This is just a tracking tool you can add to the sitemap page of GSC.

I have already submitted my sitemap to Google. My store is not showing in Google search when I type in my store name. Do you have any suggestions to make it one of the first to appear?

It will take time for Google to crawl your site. Perhaps it is already showing on the Google search result page but deep behind the first page.

URL Verifications

Users of our Enterprise Version can enjoy this brand-new hot feature that helps ensure all their pages appear on Google search results.

When you have a new page on your site or make an update to an existing page, you want to inform Google immediately so the changes become visible to your customers. However, if you don’t want to submit a whole sitemap that might take longer for Google’s crawler to process, that’s when this feature comes into play.

To make sure that this feature will work smoothly for you, please connect your Google Search Console here first.

Then you can paste an URL and this simple feature will verify whether your URL has been indexed or not and if not, it will inform Google immediately.

After Indexing, you can re-check to see whether it has been submitted successfully. Please note that it might take Google a few days to read your page. Kindly wait at least 48 hours. After that, you can contact us to further check it for you.

Upgrade to Enterprise Plan to enjoy more powerful tools! 💪

FAQ About URLs Verification

Are all the URLs on my store indexed when I click on Index Now for my domain?

The feature URLs Verification can help you inform Google about one new page at one time. In other words, if you want to index the whole site in one click, Sitemap will be an appropriate choice.

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