General Questions

How it helps? How to set up? How to remove? How long does it take to scan? etc.

1. How do we calculate your SEO score?

These are many key matters of SEO that we are currently using to evaluate your SEO points in the SearchPie app:



Broken Link

Check whether your store has 404 URL

Long URL

Check if you store has any long URL

Meta Title

Check whether your SEO Title has been optimized

Meta Description

Check whether your SEO Description has been optimized

Image Alt

Check whether images had Alt-tags

Google snippets

Check if JSON-LD has been added

HTML tags

Check if your Heading tags <h> followed the standard structure


Check if your store has added favicon

Google Analytics

Check if Google Analytics has been integrated


Check if AMP has been available

Instant Page

Check whether your pages are instant now

2. How to set up Search Pie app for my store?

Our app requires no coding to set up and use. So after you click button "ADD APP" on Shopify App Store, you can start your SEO journey with our app right away!

3. How can the Search Pie app help you?

Our Search Pie app will help you scan SEO issues on your site and provide proper suggestions to help you fix them.

There are many SEO problems that the app can help you improve, along the line will support your SEO rankings like inserting JSON-LD which helps you restructure data in a machine-readable way, help add meta tags automatically, inform Google about your latest pages to let them become visible faster, and so on. You can refer to these pages to dig deeper into the powerful features of Search Pie and how they will help you:

pageURL Control pageGoogle BoosterpageSEO Report

Just have a go with the app and experience your SEO journey! πŸ™Œ And if you need a helping hand, please drop us a line via support channels. Our support team is at your service anytime!

** Especially, We don't collect your data for any reason

4. How do I know this app is working?

SEO is a long-term journey so it's not always possible to show the results right away. But the way the app helps you optimize the components in SEO On-page like detecting and fixing broken links, adding JSON-LD, etc. will definitely benefit the professionalization of your site.

You can check a detailed report at the bottom lines of the Homepage to see how the Search Pie app improves on-page SEO elements on your store.

Just play with the app and contact us anytime if you find anything tricky. You can at least believe that your site is getting more structured and SEO-friendly from the point the app is installed on your site. βœ…

5. How can the Search Pie app help with sales?

Our app only supports to help improve your SEO which will benefit your online business in search rankings and push organic leads. It does not affect your sales in such a direct way. You can refer to this post to find the answer to "Why do we need SEO in e-Commerce?":

6. How long does it take for me to see any change made with the app shown on Google?

It’s estimated that it takes anywhere between a few days to a few weeks before Google bots index a new site. ⏳

Please refer to this post to gain more information:

To be more specific, you can find the detailed answer to how long for Google to update each change here:

pageGoogle Index

7. Is there any expected conflict with other Shopify apps?

Having both Search Pie and other SEO function apps installed concurrently in your theme code can create duplicate content and harm your search ranking. If you find anything wrong, please write to us for more specific investigation and advice.

PS: If you find errors from Body, it might come from other SEO apps that you used to or also install now. You should contact them for more adjustments. Our Search Pie app mostly have an influence at <Head>

8. Do I need to enable all auto options? What is the optimal setup for this app?

It's recommended that you enable all auto buttons to make sure you save the most time possible with SEO. However, you should tune in to the app once in a while to check out some features such as Scanning "Broken link", "Long Urls", etc as these require manual work to fully fix the detected issues.

Also, it's advisable that you take a look at "Google Tracking" often to keep track of your SEO health.

Finally, you can check out our "Keyword Research" feature whenever you need more insights to form your SEO content and keywords strategy.

9. Which Plan of Search Pie should I choose?

For Shopify merchants who wish to optimize SEO to the highest level to compete with other growing businesses, you could start with Premium Plan and then upgrade to Enterprise Plan is our recommendation

With the PREMIUM plan, you can save the most effort with SEO possible with many auto features. The ENTERPRISE plan offers the same features as the PREMIUM plan while equipping you with more advanced tools to gain more insights on SEO and get direct and personal support from experienced developers

Better yet, all the highly-requested SEO features by our users are auto-added to PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE plans without extra fees.

Learn more about how PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE plans benefit you HERE. βœ…

10. How can I require help from the Search Pie team?

You can drop us a line via in-app Livechat anytime or contact us via email at for every step you take with SEO so we can back you up with our best.

Our support team is always more than ready to support you! πŸ’ͺ

11. I am new to SEO, and I don't know how to use the app. What can I do?

Search Pie app always strives to be an effective solution for customers of all SEO levels, and of course, for new guys like you. You can walk through the basic features and then continue to explore more advanced ones:

pageURL Control pageGoogle BoosterpageSEO Report

In addition, our dedicated support team is always available for you, so whenever you need assistance during your journey with the Search Pie app, feel free to drop us a message! πŸ’Œ

12. What do I need to do when changing themes?

Normally, changing themes will not affect your SEO so don't worry about that.

Pro Tip: If there's any difficulty, please feel free to contact us. πŸ™Œ

13. What happens when I uninstall Search Pie app?

Since June 1st, 2023, according to Shopify policy, certain app codes are automatically removed from online store themes after the merchant uninstalls the app. Therefore, please note that except for the ALT tags and compressed images that are saved on your database already, other app codes (for example, meta title/description, schema & snippet, instant page, AMP, etc.) will be cleared away when you uninstall the Search Pie app.

Notice: If you turn off the app extension (Search Pie snippet) before uninstalling, meta tags that are set up with the app earlier can be saved.

We highly recommend you chat with us before uninstallation so that we can help you retain important data and settings, as well as give you a checkup to make sure that you are good to go. We provide 24/7 Livechat in-app for free.

14. Why I fix the issue but no updates in SEO report?

After fixing the issues, the app needs time to re-crawl your pages and update new performance. Therefore, please go to SEO report -> click "Rescan" button to see the updates.

15. What happens to AMP pages when I downgrade from Enterprise Plan?

If you downgrade from the Enterprise plan, your AMP pages will be redirected to the original version of the page. In case you uninstall our app, all AMP pages will become 404 pages. However, after a while, these pages will also be deindexed by Google because the site no longer has an AMP structure.


Search Pie APP is widely proven to be useful for all websites, which helps you handle SEO issues automatically to meet Google’s practices.

But please beware that the app cannot guarantee your site will get to the Top search or help you see a significant ranking improvement in a short time period. We believe no app can help you achieve that result without applying Black-hat tricks, which will harm your site's reputation with Google in the future.

The process will require more hard-working tasks on content building and other techniques. Get chill and take time because it will be a journey of challenges in the SEO world. But every store needs to face it. And moreover, you have us to make it less painful :) We promise to provide meaningful and real support for FREE to you every day. 🀝

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