VIP AMP Customization

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a web component framework, which aims to improve the user experience with a faster loading speed of mobile pages. AMP pages always come high on the list of priorities of Google because the page takes less time to crawl.

Why AMP is important?

According to Google, the average user will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load – considering that the average load speed online is 15 seconds means that there are a significant number of sites being abandoned without a user ever seeing the content or getting an impression of the brand. AMP can ensure your web page loads within 3 seconds to retain users and excel compared to competitors who may be slower.

AMP is also important for your Google Search rankings. Speed is a significant factor when it comes to rankings as Google wants to provide the best experience for it’s users (and subsequently keep them using the search engine so that ads can be served) so ensuring that you have pages that load as quickly as possible is key to a high position. Bounce rate and website traffic also count towards your ranking so by decreasing how often users abandon your site you can decrease your bounce rate, increase your traffic and achieve a higher ranking in SERPs.

Why should you choose VIP AMP Customization package?

Basically, the AMP customizing function is available on our app for Home, Product, Collection, Blog & Blog post pages. However, the normal customization on the app is the default template with basic information and simple page design. It sees the difference compared to your original pages.

Therefore, our VIP AMP Customization is a much more optimal option!

VIP AMP Customization helps you to customize the AMP page to be up to 90% similar to the original theme pages. After some days of analyzing your websites, our technical expert will customize 5 kinds of pages, including Home, Product, Collection, Blog & Blog Post.

With this package, you don't need to spend hours to customize your AMP anymore, which saves lots of time, effort, and resources in SEO optimization. Besides, it's the best choice for anyone that doesn't good at page building, so it's highly recommended!

Our VIP AMP Customization is only available on the Enterprise Plan and AMP single-feature plan.

How to sign up for VIP AMP Customization?

Firstly, let's go to our app menu > Site Speed > Accelerated Mobile Pages and click the Sign Up button as my screenshot below to activate the package.

Besides, you can also find this package on the Pricing page of our app. Don't forget to scroll down and apply your 40% OFF discount before signing up this package.

After activating successfully, our support team will reach out to you shortly via Livechat, and introduce you to the full detailed package's procedure.

Our technical department will start evaluating and working on your site to customize your AMP right now. The project should last about some days to complete customizing each kind of page. Rest assured that we will keep you informed via email as soon as there are any new updates.

If you have any other questions about the package, please feel free to let us know.


  1. What happens with my AMP customization if I downgrade/uninstall the app?

If you downgrade to the Premium plan or Starter plan, your AMP customized pages will be redirected to the orginal version. If you want to activate the AMP customization again, you just need to uprgade to Enterprise and then choose the AMP version here:

If you uninstall our app, all the AMP customized pages will be 404 pages. However, if you want to activate our AMP customization again, let's install our app and activate it on the AMP feature.

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