Pricing Plans

The Premium/ Enterprise plan will level you up to compete with other online businesses. When you decide to try the Premium/ Enterprise plan, it will require you to confirm the charge. But you will not be charged right away but be auto-charged after FREE trial days when you still have the app installed on your store.

See our pricing details here

Besides, we also provide some personal services about Speed It Up, SEO Map, VIP SEO Scan, VIP AI Generator packages. You can see the details in the Personal Service tab.

For the Vip SEO Scan, when signing up for this package, our app will crawl all the pages of your store and give you a full report of your SEO performance of all the pages in your store without waiting for our app to crawl the limited number of pages daily

And finally, it is our new package about SEO Map.

With this service, we can help you:

  • Google Business Profile consultation and optimization: We will assist you in creating a Business Profile for your business so that Google could display a Knowledge Panel for your business on the search results.

  • GEO Tags Implementation: We will help you add GEO tags to your product images so Google could better recognize you as a local business.

  • Map Integration: We will help you integrate the Google Map into your website's footer.

  • Google Review: We will help you generate a link to collect reviews for your website on Google.

For more information about your SEO Map, kindly go to the Local Search tab, which is below the Speed Up

FAQ About Pricing

1. Why should I use Premium Plan / Enterprise Plan?

In Premium Plan, we provide you a variety of powerful features:

  • AI content optimization: Use AI to effortlessly write meta description

  • Schema and Snippets: Make your website machine-readable.

  • Long URLs Scanning: Point out the too-long URLs on your store

  • Advanced Broken Links Scanner and Redirection: Daily check and auto-redirect from invalid links.

  • Site Diagnosis: look into the SEO data of any websites

  • Image Compress: compress 500 images (10 times bigger than the number of images compressed in the Free plan)

And now Enterprise Plan comes to help you broaden your SEO boundaries with:

  • Keyword Research: Research the popularity of all-related keywords

  • Auto-update Alt-text to new images of All pages: products, collections & blogs

  • URLs Verification: Inform Google of new blogs immediately

  • AMP: Improve your mobile page speed with a better user experience

  • Image Compress: 5000 images ( 10 times bigger than the number of images compressed in the Premium plan)

Also, other hot features are added to these two plans with NO extra fee!

No need to spend a huge budget to hire an SEO expert service, it’s YOU who can handle all SEO issues quickly. Our team is also giving you a hand for free.

Why still wait? More powerful SEO is here at your fingertips!

Rest assured that you will not be charged right away when you click Confirm charge.

2. What is the billing rule?

Payment will be made monthly. Just go to Pricing and select your plans. Premium Plan is priced at $39, and the Enterprise Plan at $99.

3. Do I have Free trial days?

Yes, free trial days start from the day you click Approve Charge in the app. Within that time, you can explore all the advanced features of the app and have the option to downgrade anytime if you don't feel it is what you wish. Only after the free trial, you will actually have to pay for the app.

PS: Please keep in mind that a full free trial is activated for you once. If you add the Premium Plan/Enterprise plan and realize that you do not have a full free trial, please log in to the app and chat with us or send us an email via for further guidance.

4. What happens if I upgrade from Premium to Enterprise while the billing cycle of the Premium plan has not ended?

When you upgrade your plan by moving from Premium to Enterprise, the charge is prorated based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle. For more details, please go here.

5. Is there any other extra fee?

All pricing details are listed Here, there would be no extra charge for anything. Our support is lifetime FREE. If you have any questions about Pricing or need any support, feel free to drop us an email at:

We will respond to you quickly during our working hours every day.

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