How to claim SearchPie's coupon?

If you want to claim coupon on SearchPie app, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to our app's Pricing page -> choose the kind of service you want to claim coupon:

Step 2: Claim the coupon:

Let's scroll down to the "Your coupon code". Here, you can manually enter your coupon or choose the coupon from the list

The coupon's information including:

  • Plan: The service that the coupon is created for

  • Usage limit: how many times the coupon is available to use

  • Expiration date: the time when the coupon is valid to use

After checking the information carefully, let's click the Apply button, and then you can see the coupon applied on the Plans. You just need to click Choose to successfully claim the coupon.

After clicking the "Apply" button but you're not ready to claim the coupon yet, next time going back to the Pricing page, you need to click Apply again to see the discount price

If you're currently on the Plan you want to claim the coupon, you need to downgrade to Free plan first to sucessfully claim the coupon.

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