Google Maps is a powerful tool, not only for location searching but also for business development. Especially, if you're on the top-ranking local listing on Google Map, you definitely can drive more leads to your business. In this guide, we provide a service called SEO Map package to help you gain visibility for local search queries on Google's search results.

What is Google Local Map Pack?

The Google Maps Pack (or the Google Local Map Pack) is the most prominent and sought-after position in Google's local search results. It displays a list of top-ranking businesses for your search location. In the Google Map Pack, businesses are listed alongside their geographic location, contact information, hours, and other helpful information.

With this function, it's becoming easier for users to seek a specific business they're looking for, and for merchants to drive customers to their stores.

Why does Google Local Map Pack matter?

Google Pack is the ideal means which can take up any prime real estate in the Google local search results. This is the most important placement for any business as the 1st spot gets the highest click-through rate of all listings.

The Map Pack matters for SEO because it can be a significant driver of organic traffic if optimized correctly. Optimizing for the Google Map Pack brings many benefits, including:

  • More organic traffic – Higher placement in the Google Map Pack often means a higher click-through rate, driving more traffic to your business’s website.

  • More local traffic – Ranking high in the Map Pack means your business is one of the first listings users see when searching for a business, meaning they are more likely to navigate to your physical location through Google Maps.

  • More phone calls – Getting to the top of the Google Map Pack could attract more users and direct them to call your business directly. This may result in more leads for your business.

  • Competitive advantage – Ranking higher than your competitors in the Map Pack could lead to more customers, leading to more customer reviews and overall more visibility for your business. In a competitive market, this can make all the difference.

  • More mobile traffic – The Map Pack takes up most of the visual space on a mobile phone screen, so users are faster to respond and more likely to pull up your listing while on the go.

  • Enterprise SEO – Users will often skip businesses that don’t meet the parameters for a specific location, which can be a huge issue if you have a large enterprise. Geo-specific listings for your physical locations can be a significant driver of traffic for your enterprise.

Why should you choose SEO Map of Search Pie?

SEO Map package is an effective way to increase visibility and traffic to your website, particularly if you have a physical storefront or serve customers in a specific geographic area. It involves optimizing your website and online presence to rank higher in local search results for specific keywords related to your business.

With this package, we will assist you in creating and optimizing a Business Profile for your business so that Google could display a Knowledge Panel for your business on the search results. Besides, we can help integrate maps on your site, collect reviews for your website on Google, and add GEO tags to your product images so Google could better recognize you as a local business. Therefore, it's highly recommended!

The SEO Map is a one-time charge service as a distinct and more advanced service of ours. The price is $350 and rest assured that it’s a worthy investment for your business.

How to register Local SEO of Search Pie?

Signing up for SEO Map is an easy process. Let's go to the Pricing page and click SIGN UP for SEO Map, then confirm the payment for this package.

After that, please drop us a line and our support team is always available to serve you the next steps.

Our team will start supporting you from creating Google Business Profile and if you have it already, that's perfect to proceed optimizing it. It could take Google from a few days to 1-2 weeks to verify your profile and recognize the changes. Be rest assured that we will keep you informed via email as soon as there are any new updates.

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