Backlinks are super important for SEO, which makes your site seem more trustworthy to people. When other trustworthy sites link to yours, search engines see it as a sign that your content is good, then help your website show up higher in search results.

For the reasons above, backlinks building feature is now available on Search Pie app!

First step, let's go to Backlink Building on our app and confirm with our Terms & Conditions after reading it carefully.

And then, please choose the categories that best match your store. More than one category is also accepted. And now, let's start working with backlink building!

  1. Analytics:

In this section, you can check your backlink analysis with all the backlinks you built so far. There are some indicators that you need to pay attention to:

  • Domain Authority: A score (1-100) estimating a website's potential to rank in search engine results

  • Total of Backlink: Originating on other websites lead to your store

  • Page Authority: A score (1-100) predicting your homepage's potential to rank on search engines

  1. Prospects:

To start improving your Domain Authority and building the best backlink to your store, let's move on the the second section: Prospect. This part allows you to start writing articles and place your backlinks. You have 2 options:

  • Community websites:

Community websites are a platform that aggregates various blogs with diverse topics and content. You can create your own articles, and immediately, your article will be updated on these blogs.

Simply click: the CREATE button then start writing articles about your store category's related topics. Don't forget to insert the backlinks to your website pages.

  • Shopify websites:

Shopify websites are all the stores on Shopify using our Search Pie app. Different from Community websites, after submitting the articles, you need to wait for the store owner's acceptance to publish your articles on their website.

To start, let's collect all stores having the same category as you first by clicking ADD FILTER -> CATEGORY, then writing articles attached your backlinks.

To check if your article has been successfully submitted, please scroll down to Publish article section:

  1. Requests:

To check if there is any store you wish to submit articles to and exchange backlinks on your store website, please go to the Requests section for further check.

You should check their DA, total backlinks, and view their draft articles carefully before deciding to reject or publish their articles on your website.

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