Local SEO

Our Local SEO feature is particularly suitable for merchants having physical storefronts or serving customers in a specific geographic area. It helps you check your current local visibility performance. The feature is divided into 2 sections: GBP SEO and Review Showcase.

  1. GBP SEO:

In Your Report, our app will show you on the performance of your Google Business Profile in different aspects. You need to log in the email connecting to your Google Business Profile first, then your report will be shown.

Firstly, the app will show whether your Google Business Profile has enough information and how good it looks on website results & Google results

Next, the app shows you your current Google Business Profile's insight on a period, which can be based on performance & views. You can even change the period by using the Search & Filter function.

To check your Google Business Profile's performance, we will evaluate the Overview, or detailed amount of Calls, Messages, Bookings, Directions, and Website clicks.

To check your Google Business Profile views, we will show you the number of people who viewed your Business Profile. The diagram below can give you detailed data from which keywords or devices visitors use to check your Google business profile.

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