Schema and Snippets

In short, Google Structured Data (JSON-LD) is a standardized format that helps structure information about a page and makes it machine-readable data. In other words, it classifies the page content in a unified way for search engines like Google to understand. This helps to create a more organized and better web overall enhancing the page ranking. For example, on a recipe page, the JSON-LD format helps Google understand what are the ingredients, the cooking time and temperature, the calories, and so on.

You can refer to this article for more in-depth knowledge about JSON-LD.

Below is detailed information on each type of rich snippet that Search Pie provides.

Types of Rich Snippets

A breadcrumb trail on a page indicates the page's position within a navigational hierarchy on web pages, and it will help users keep track of and explore a site effectively. Learn more here.

Breadcrumb is available to set up for all our users! 🎉

Rich Snippets of Product Pages

Search Pie app will add a markup to your product pages so Google can provide detailed product information as a rich result in Google Search, including Availability, Image, Price Product Weight, Offer, and Review Ratings. Let's check out this example to get a more specific view of rich snippets of product pages.

According to Neil Patel (an experienced SEO expert), having a rich snippet will help your store stand out against your competitors on result pages. It can increase click-through rates (CTR) by 677% and drive 20-40% more traffic than product links without them

Rich Snippet of Collection Pages

Search Pie app will add a markup to your collection pages so Google can provide detailed collection information as a rich result in Google Search, including Image and Product List.

Rich Snippet of Blog/Blog Post Pages

Search Pie app will add a markup to your Blog & Blog Post pages so Google can provide detailed collection information as a rich result in Google Search.

How do enable these rich snippets?

Just click on these buttons and that's all!

Store Information

Search Pie will add a markup to your home pages so Google can provide detailed store information as a rich result in Google Search. It helps Google recognize your web page as an e-Commerce store.

* Reference page means The URL of a reference web page that unambiguously indicates the edition. For example, a Wikipedia page for this specific edition.

Please fill in the information about your store in as much detail as possible on these boxes and then click Save.

Local Business

Local SEO is the practice of increasing the search visibility of brick-and-mortar stores with physical locations. With Local Business structured data, Search Pie will help you tell Google about your business hours, different departments within a business, reviews for your business, and more.

To add this local business snippet, it will direct you to the Local SEO tab.

When you sign in your Google Business Profile here, you will see the results on the right side. These are our suggestions about what you should do to improve your local SEO.

Sitelinks are links from the same domain that are clustered together under a web result. Our systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they're looking for.

Sitelinks can be defined as a sign of trust from Google. Thanks to sitelinks, users can directly find the page of interest on your site, which is known to increase the CTR, which corresponds to the click-through rate (about +20%).

You can choose the links you want to show on Google search page results as well as the title of these pages as your wish by filling in these boxes, enabling the button, clicking Save, and then patiently waiting for Google to update them. Please refer to this example.

If you want to add more sitelinks, feel free to contact us so that we can help you do this.

Currently, the rich snippets of Breadcrumb and Store information can be added for all our plans. To unlock more powerful rich snippets, let's check out our Enterprise plan >> Upgrade here 💚


According to Google Search Central, "a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page contains a list of questions and answers pertaining to a particular topic".

FAQ pages help your site have better visibility on Google search result pages as well as improve its authority. It will make a contribution to optimizing your SEO and generating a huge lift in organic traffic.

To enable this type of snippet, please enable the button, choose the pages that you want to show on Google with this FAQ list and enter the URL on the box, and then fill in the questions and the answers here.

Pro Tips: Don't forget to fill in questions and answers here, then Google has the data to show on search result pages.


It says you have enabled JSON LD on my store but what does this mean? What has been done to my store?

JSON-LD is an important element that helps structure the data on your site. This will help Search Engines to disambiguate elements and establish facts surrounding entities, which is then associated with creating a more organized, better web overall. JSON-LD has been added to the <head> section of the HTML document so that the Google search engines can read them. Google and some other search engine use this as a factor to rank in their search results.

How to check if my pages support rich results?

Once JSON-LD has been added, you can always go to this Testing tool from Google to check if JSON-LD is really integrated into each page or product of your store. Just paste the URL you want to check onto the box and click to see the result.

For more specific information, you can directly check it on your page code. Please go to a page you want to check ->Right click -> View page source -> Ctrl + F -> Search for "json", you will see the added code like this.

It is noted here that the code of the FAQ schema will be applied to the specific page that you choose and fill in on the app. Therefore, if you want to check the FAQ schema code, please go to that page -> Right-click -> View page source -> Ctrl + F -> Search for "faq", you will see the added code like this.

Will JSON-LD alter my website at all?

Basically, JSON-LD does not change anything about your storefront but just helps a lot for SEO. Please refer to the post for more details:

Will all information I filled in on the app will be shown on Google?

Yes, when Google crawls your web page, it will crawl all the information you set up. If your store already had JSON-LD before, or there is more than one JSON-LD version on the site, Google will choose a more complete version to display, so you don't have to worry about conflicting issues. It's the reason why it's highly recommended to add our JSON-LD because it's the most complete and newly-updated version.

How long will it take for Rich Snippets to show in search engine results?

Normally, it takes about 4 - 8 weeks for Google to show up your rich snippets on search result pages, sometimes up to 11 weeks. There is no exact time frame in that case.

Why do I keep seeing warnings in the JSON-LD test?

There are warnings because you are missing some fields (for example, here Review field is lacking) so you will be recommended to add it. Read more details here:

If I cancel this app, will JSON LD remain enabled on the store?

It will stay with you until you ask it to be removed.

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