Search Pie Docs

Checklist for SEO success

The Search Pie app is amazingly simple which requires just a little of your attention. Let's take a tour to find out all of our features.
When you have the app added from Shopify, it will auto-scan and work on your site instantly to check your Website’s SEO score. You could click FIX SEO ISSUES to start optimizing your SEO with our app features.

Quick Support Channels

As a newcomer to the app, you may find it overwhelming. That's why we've designed our Quick Support Channels to ensure you have a smooth and efficient experience from the very beginning. If you want us to help you take a look at your store and share with you some valuable suggestions for your better SEO performance, all you need to do is click the package you want and our experienced supporter will be here to help you do this.

New Integration

In this section, you can keep up with the latest information on new features, potential partners, and useful SEO tips. Click and enjoy the up-to-date news from Search Pie!