App Dashboard

In our SearchPie dashboard, we'll provide you with the performance of your Keywords, SEO & Speed. Also, in case you don't know how to start with SearchPie, we have Quick actions here. Let's get started!

SEO Campaign

In this part, you can start checking the ranking of a specific keyword. Please click Check ranking > enter Keyword > click Check. Then you'll see the result in my screenshot below. When you see the keyword position should be improved, please click Improve button, then you can choose other appropriate page to your keywords.

Also, you can create multiple SEO campaigns and focus on keywords to check the details SEO performance of your page. Please click the Create Campaign button, then start filling out the page URL & keyword, and click SAVE.

If you don't know what's the best keyword to your page, you can click Explore keyword. It will lead you to the Keyword explore feature on the app, so you can start researching your keywords.

After creating multiple SEO Campaigns, you can check them here. You can use Search filter to find your campaigns, or even delete if you don't want to check it anymore. In case you want to check Campaign performance, please click Optimzie

Here, you can see the detailed SEO report of your page, including issues/notices from some factors such as Keyword performance, SEO audit, Google snippets, and indexing status,... You just need to click on the factor you want to fix issues, then you'll be led to the compatible feature on the app.

After fixing the issues, you can click Rescan button to see the new SEO performance.

SEO & Speed score

In our app dashboard, SearchPie will scan your whole site and show you the performance of your SEO & Speed. The SEO score will include total issues, notices & good factors, and the Speed score show you the performance of your Homepage on both Mobile & Desktop.

To start optimize SEO, please click the Get SEO check button, then you'll go to SEO report (one-page) to see the SEO performance of your Homepage. And if you want to increase speed performance, please click Increase score, then you'll be led to Advanced Speed Customize on our app

Quick Action

As a newcomer to the app, you may find it overwhelming. That's why we've designed our Quick Action to ensure you have a smooth and efficient experience from the very beginning.

Here, we suggest you get started to set up the Bulk meta tags, or scan the Broken Links on your website.

App recommendation

In this section, SearchPie recommends you some Shopify apps that are our trustworthy partners. Please check and you can consider Install them if you see they meet your demands.

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