Long URLs

"How to create SEO-friendly URLs?" is a common question that many website owners face up to. There are different factors of link evaluation that search engines use, including the length of a link. A high-quality URL should NOT exceed the limit of 128 characters. Hence, the Long URLs feature was born to assist you in detecting too-long links and fixing them quickly.

If you are using our Premium plan, you can scan all URLs within seconds by clicking Scan:

And if you want to edit those long URLs into shorter ones, let’s upgrade to the Enterprise plan which allows you to break way more obstacles in your SEO journey! you can choose as many long URLs as you want then click on the “Bulk Edit” button and our app will help you shorten long URLs automatically

You can also edit the long URLs on your own by clicking the fix button next to the long URLs you want to shorten, then click Save.

At the bottom, you can see the History of URLs shortened. If you don’t want to take them back, all you can do is click the revert button.

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