Manual Meta Tags

Manual Meta Tags are another set of features that focuses on Keywords. It helps you control your important text and make sure the Title and Description of your pages have included your targeted keywords.

Just click on Manual Meta Tags in the SEO tags tab, then choose the page you want to update.

You can also edit the meta tag of your homepage manually here, then click the Publish button and our app will update the new meta tag for you.

To simplify and enhance the process of creating effective meta descriptions, our new AI feature is released. This powerful feature is available for Premium and Enterprise plan. Just simply click AI generate, then you have 2 options to decide how Meta Description is generated by AI.

If you click "Generate with keywords", the app will create your meta description based on the keywords on your meta title/description. What you have to do is enter your keywords and press Enter.

Don't forget to choose the language and the writing tone you want AI to write, and finally click Generate button to see the results.

In case you're having the Meta Description and you want to generate the new one by AI, simply click "Generate by rewriting the original description". Next step, please choose your language and writing tones before generating.

The app will scan for some seconds and generate the new Meta descriptions for you. If you're satisfied with that one, please click Apply button and then choose Publish to save the new meta description. In case you want more, click "See more results", and you have a maximum of 3 results.

The app also offers you amount of total limit to generate the AI meta description. If you're in Premium plan, you have 100 requests and need to upgrade to have more. In case you're on Enterprise plan, you have a total of 1000 requests. Please click "contact us" if you need more, our team is ready to help.

When it comes to product, collection, and blog posts, if you see the Long/Short notices, it means your meta tags are too long or short. If the meta tags have a red notices, it means you are missing the meta tags.

If you want to change the meta tags of the products or collections, kindly click the Edit button. update the meta tags, and click Save. Our app will update the new meta tags for you.

Besides, you can also edit the ALT tag of the image included in each product or collection and the URL of them by clicking the Edit button on the products or collections.

Our app will check if the keywords you entered have been shown on Meta tags (including meta title and meta description), Image ALT, URL, and Heading 1 Tag. The result will be separated into two parts: Found and Not found based on the appearance of the keywords on these tags.

This feature helps you determine which tags are missing keywords and then can supplement them to improve your SEO performance and rankings in search engines.

If you want to use this outstanding feature, go to the Enterprise plan today!

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