Keyword Research

Keywords play an indisputable role in SEO and ratings on search engines.

Wonder if your selection of keywords is correct. Or if you should change to another keyword? Search Pie - Enterprise version has integrated this magic tool for you to master this task.

Keyword Explore

Not only can you track the search volume monthly, but also know about the trend and competition for a keyword.

To further explain the terms you might find unfamiliar, “Search Volume” refers to the volume (or number) of searches for a specific keyword in a given timescale. "Trend" shows how the monthly search volume for a keyword has changed over the last 12 months and "Competiton" is understood as to how competitive ad placement is for a keyword.

When you enter the keyword you want to research, and click check, our app will show a report of this keyword and the words or phrases related to the keywords based on the country and the language you choose.

In the Trend column, you can see a diagram showing the fluctuation of the search volume in 12 months and the percentage of this keyword change over one year.

The level of competition is determined by the number of ad slots filled divided by the total number of ad slots available. There are three levels displayed on this feature: high, medium, and low. If the level of competition is low, it means the level of competition between the advertiser is low. This is also the same with other levels.

Besides, you can also use the filter to narrow down the number of keywords shown in this tool. Currently, there are four filters for the maximum and minimum volume and word count, the status of the competition, and adding keywords.

You can also download a report for the keyword you research just by clicking the "Export" button on the top right of the screen.

The system will give you a report of the number of search volumes in the recent 12 months, the search volumes on average, the trend, and the competition.

Keyword Audit

To further check the keyword presence on the important tags of your pages, such as Meta Title, Meta Description, etc, you could try the Keyword audit function. When you paste the URL of your page and the keyword that needed checking, then click Analyze, our app will give you the result as below.

The result shows your tags’ existing keywords and lets you know which tag is missing. You could immediately add it on by clicking Fix All.

To check whether keywords are added properly on your website, you can take a look at Sample preview on Google.

Position Tracking

If you wonder about how well your website is performing on search engines, let’s go to Position Tracking on Search Pie. With this function, you can monitor the rankings of your keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business on a daily basis.

Firstly, you could see your keywords’s volatility over the last 30 days. To further explain the terms that you may find unfamiliar, average position means the average of rankings for all keywords in your Position Tracking campaign. Any keyword you're not ranking for will be assigned a rank of 100. “Improved - Declined” indicates the number of keywords that have changed their positions over the time chosen. Besides, it also lets you know the amount of your keywords on Top 10 and Top 100, and how many of them are new or lost.

Besides, you could also follow the updates by clicking on ‘Send me monthly ranking updates via email”.

In the Ranking Overview, you can see a table showing the position and fluctuation of your keywords on top 100, compared to 2 periods of time.

The system allows you to adjust the time or the date range that you want to compare, or reset it to see if there’s any updates.

Besides, you can also use the filter to narrow down the number of keywords shown in this tool. Currently, you can choose the status of your keywords change, or search the keyword that you want to check its position.

You can add more keywords to your tracking table by clicking on the ADD button, or choose to delete the keywords by clicking on the UNFOLLOW.

You can also download a report for the keyword position tracking just by clicking the "Export" button.

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