Bulk Meta Tags

Meta Tags allows you to set Meta Title and Description which are important elements when optimizing SEO on-site.

The Meta Title defines the title of each page of a website (Homepage, product page, etc.) shown in search engine result pages (SERPs). It contains the keyword you wish to rank for and should be kept between 10 - 70 characters.

The Meta Description is a summary of the page content that is displayed below the meta title. In the description, it is essential that several keywords should be included. Highly recommended that the description include between 160-200 characters to fully be shown on SERPs.

Just one click to optimize Meta Title and Description!

We provide an auto system for you to update meta tags quickly. First, go to SEO Basic, click on SEO Tags, and then choose Bulk Meta Tags.

Next, you can choose the page you want to optimize like Home, Product, Collection, Blog, or Blog Posts page.

From here, there are two options for you. With the Use default template option, your title will be adjusted to conform to the standard format: page_title | shop_name - page_description shop_name.

In case the error from your title is too confusing with the over-exceeding length, or you find this system not perfect enough, you can set it up yourself easily. Just choose to Create your own template option and fill in those blanks. You can choose your preferred available tags to customize your meta tags in a quick, unique way.

By entering your own title manually, you can control the title and description display on each page of your website.

In Product, Collection pages, you can also tick on the "Overwrite edited content in Manual Edit SEO" since you want to change the title and description of some products

On the Product tab, we provide another option with CSV files. A CSV (Comma Separated Values) file is a plain text file that contains a list of data. You can download our CSV example, fill in your data about meta tags of product pages here, and then browse your file here. The app will set up meta tags for all your product pages automatically as what is included in your file.

You can take a look at this example of a CSV file.

To get the Product ID, please go to Shopify Admin > Products > Choose the page of the product that you want to get the ID.

Let's see the URL at the top and copy the number that comes after ‘…/products/’. It is the Product ID.

FAQ About Meta Tags

How do I check if the meta tags are added successfully?

Please go to a page you want to check->Right click->View page source -> Ctrl + F -> Search for "Title" or "Description" to check the corresponding meta tag.

Is there any serious issue if I have the title/Meta description duplicated?

It is not a big deal when you have multiple Title/Meta description tags. However, you are highly recommended to have only one title/description. More than one title/description will confuse Google which to use and may ignore the page altogether. For more info, please refer to this post: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/meta-description-mistakes/250897/

We can help you have it quickly submitted, but it is Google that decides when and which update is published. It may take a few days or months depending on how large your sitemap is.

It takes time for Google to save your change. Google needs a period of time to crawl all the sites it can recognize. So when Google has done crawling, you can see the change on the Google search result page. See more details here: https://www.boostability.com/how-often-is-google-crawling-my-site/

Meta Title / Description is still missing despite being updated?

One reason for this issue is that your site is a Password protection page, so the information will not be read by any outsider’s tool including ours.

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