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Alternative Text (ALT-text / ALT tag) plays as an image translator on the website. With an appropriate ALT tag, your image is more likely to claim a higher rank in Google image search results. As search engines like Google cannot read the image themselves, the ALT tag helps them better understand the content of the image, so that they can show relevant content in response to a certain targeted keyword.

Moreover, ALT data describes the images in words on the web interface. When people visit your website with such a slow internet connection that it takes a long time for images on web pages to show up, the image ALT tag assists them to understand what they are seeing on the screen.

Conventionally, updating ALT tags is very time-consuming (may take up to hours) as you have to do it manually. Now with the Search Pie app, ALT text is added to all your images within minutes. Let's go to SEO Tags > Bulk Image ALT to start adding it.

Once the app interface is loaded, you will be able to quickly add alt information by selecting the Use default template. You can create the appropriate tags by customizing your template when you choose Create your own template. When you're done with your ALT text template as your product tag, be sure to click the Save button to save the alt information for the images.

For Premium plan, you can add ALTtag to a maximum of 500 products. And if you are running a business with many more products, our Enterprise plan will be the best choice.

With the Premium plan, the ALT text will be updated automatically for unlimited products based on the template you have set up. Simply also enable the Auto add Alt-text button and you can forget this task when any new image is uploaded.

If you already add the ALT tags in Shopify or in our Manual Meta tags feature and now want to use the template to apply to all the ALT tags of your products, kindly choose to overwrite edited content in Product SEO/ Shopify

To add ALT text to all images on your site (not only Product images but also Collection & Blog Post images), please upgrade to the Enterprise plan to master this feature.

I added ALT-tags for all images on my site (including products, collections, blog posts) with Boost Image Search, and I also enabled all auto options. However, when checking my site on Lighthouse, why does it show "Image elements do not have [alt] attributes"?

If you found that the images of products/collections/blogs have not been added with ALT-tags, the reason is that your theme does not support alt attributes. In this case, you can contact us for more support.

Another reason is that your logo, label, or banner images are missing ALT tags. Then, don't worry. Google doesn't really crawl these images, it pays more attention to your product images. So you can ignore these warnings since all the important images are added ALT text already.

How to revoke Alt-text?

Alt-text is very helpful which helps Google understand your image content. You can read more about its role here: https://moz.com/learn/seo/alt-text Search Pie app does not have an auto feature to help you revoke alt-text. But you can chat to us in-app or write to support@secomapp.com and let us know the template of your old alt-text and we’ll help you handle it manually.

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