AI Generation

AI Generation is another tool of SearchPie help you generate content of your page, including page title, page description, meta title, meta description, ALT tags and URL handle. The optimal point of this feature is that you have the help of AI tool, which helps you save lots of time, effort & resources on SEO optimization. This powerful feature is available for Premium and Enterprise plan.

The tool can help you generate content one by one or even in bulk. Let's go!

Just click on AI Generation in the SEO tags tab.

On the Product page, you can easily find your Product through our filters. Just simply click Search & Filter, then enter the product name you need, or add filter by status to find a product: Active or Achievd.

Also, if your SEO element of Product pages is Long/short, it means your content is longer/shorter than the standard. Don't hesitate, let's optimize right away!

1. One by one AI generation:

To start optimizing the content of your page, let's click Edit

Here, we have the tool to check if your keyword is included in your important content. Just Enter target keyword, and click Check then you can see the result below:

If you want to research which keyword is suitable with your business, please click Find keyword, it leads you to the Keyword Explore on our app to start researching and finding the best keyword for your store.

And next, you can manually edit the content of your page, including page title, page description, meta title, meta description, Alt tags and URL handle.

When editing, please pay attention to the Sample Preview on Google and the length standard. According to Google's updates, Google changes the pixel length of meta tags all the time. In 2024, for the best results, aim for between 10-60 characters for meta title and 50-170 characters for meta description.

When it's done, please click here to save all the changes

Especially, if you prefer using AI to save your time & effort while optimizing content, please click Generate with AI below the content you want to edit, then you have 2 options: Generate with keywords & Generate by rewriting the original meta description

If you click "Generate with keywords", the app will create your meta description based on the keywords on your meta title/description. What you have to do is enter your keywords and press Enter.

Don't forget to choose the language and the writing tone you want AI to write, and finally click Generate button to see the results.

In case you already have content and now want to generate the new one by AI, simply click "Generate by rewriting the original description". Next step, please choose your language and writing tones before generating.

The app will scan for some seconds and generate the new content for you. If you're satisfied with that one, please Choose a result and then it will be applied as new content after you click SAVE button.

If you don't like these 3 results, you can click Generate again. You have a maximum of 500 total request for Premium plan and 5000 total requests for Enterprise plan to generate AI. Each time you generate again, your total request will be deducted. If you want more AI request, please consider our AI VIP Generator

2. Bulk AI generation

Our app allows you to bulk AI generate your pages, you can select to generate a maximum of 10 products at once.

Please select Product, then choose kind of content you want to edit and click Generate button

It might take some seconds to show you the results for product selected. If you want to edit before publishing, please click Edit here and make any changes before click SAVE button

After making the changes, you can check the History below with all information needed. You can even revert the content back to the original version if you don't like it anymore.

If you want to use this outstanding feature, go to the Enterprise plan today!

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